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We are excited to announce that the Bay State Bandits will be returning to the field in 2017 AND that we will have partnered with CJ Traub of the NXL to bring in national level refs across all the fields and we expect the same high quality to show event after event. 

"Bad reffing can make or break a tournament but with the bandits, no one had to worry about a missed call or bias ref. The Bay State Bandits offered some of the best reffing we have seen, regionally or nationally. Their experience playing gives them the insight to ref well but also the ability to communicate clearly with players. There was never a question that went unanswered and their calls all season were consistent. Can't wait to have them back!" 

Adam Zippin - D4 Northeast Regional Champions NE Crusade


“NEPL did a great job last season with the Bay State Bandits reffing. They were very consistent and fair.”

Rob Lospennato D3 Northeast Regional Champions Landslyde


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