How To Register For an Event:

Are you new to tournament paintball? 

D4 is for players that have little to no tournament experience.

3 Player Teams are allowed to roster only D4 Players (5 per roster) 5 Player teams may roster up to two D3 players OR one D2 Player - Max 8 players.

Ranking is determined by the APPA / PBLI system we use to track player and team experience levels.

Have tournament experience? 

XBall in the NEXL offers both D3 and D4 divisions for league play.

The NEXL is a proud long standing Regional Partner of the NXL and we follow the national roster rules, games rules and formats. 

Teams that play in the NEXL compete nationally and are usually committed for a full NEXL season.

How to Register Your Team: 

Every Player that wishes to compete must register as a player in the APPA System.


Once everyone has their Player ID Number they should give it to the Team Owner or Captain. 


Collect each players ID number and create a team under your APPA profile. Then choose the event you would like to register for (NEPL is for 3 Man and 5 Man Divisions and NEXL is for XBall) 

Choose the players you would like to roster for the event from the list of players on the right - save the changes and pay the entrance fee!


  • All Players are required to have a 2021 NEPXL ID Card. 

  • The fee for the entire 2021 Season is $35 and is valid for all NEPL Events / Dates ONLY.

  • This Card replaces a players waiver at the playing fields for the 2021 calendar year. 

  • Players that do not register and pay for a 2021 ID online will be required to pay for a Temporary ID good for that one event only - the cost is $30 per temporary ID. 

  • Pit / Staff passes are $10 per event or $0 with a paid 2021 NEPXL ID CARD


  • You must upload a photo of your face for your ID card that will need to be approved by the system - make sure its your face without a goggle / that you are alone / that it is bright enough / big enough

  • Pay for your ID card ONLINE in order for it to be marked PAID for both leagues (NEXL) 

  • SAVE and BRING THE PAYPAL RECEIPT TO PICK IT UP please (on phone is fine!) 

  • You must appear on a current roster to have an ID card printed so get roster filled in asap!

SAT. april 3rd:

outdoor practice

april 10-11th

nexl event 1

april 24-25th

3&5 player ag pB NH


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