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Twan has been an integral part of the paintball community since his childhood days, accompanying his Dad to events where they competed together, notably with Section 8. Eventually, he took the reins and led the same team into a new era for many years.

Getting to know Twan and his wonderful family is to inevitably grow fond of them. The tales of his children, both human and furry, have solidified his place as a cherished and enduring member of our community. Whether it's celebrating milestones, offering support during challenging times, or sharing in a parent's deepest fears, we stand by Twan and his family, as well as all those who stand beside them, in any way we can.

Twan's vision for the NEXL E1 The One Mission Event is to shine a spotlight on the incredible work of the One Mission Organization, dedicated to supporting children battling cancer and their families.

Your contributions go directly towards aiding those who need it most, precisely when they need it most.

Every dollar raised will be directed to the One Mission charity. If you're tuning into the event through the webcast and have found your way here, please know that our goal with this broadcast is multifaceted, primarily centered on highlighting the issues that hold the greatest significance within our community.

We sincerely appreciate you for sticking with us this far, and for extending your support to Twan, Amanda, Cam, and their family.

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