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APPA Registration: 


Layout: NXL Texas 2017
Appa: D4 and below

Our popular D4 3 man series is back for 2017! Some crazy winter weather forced us to reschedule E1 so E2 will be the first tournament of the year! Our field team New England Crusade will be here to help mentor and coach teams. They did a great job last year so we are happy to have them back, offering their help and insight to anyone who wants it. New for this year, we will have NXL certified refs on the field for every point this season! 

If you didn't come to one of our tournaments last year, we offer something unique to new players! Each team will get time to walk the field with a member of New England Crusade. New England Crusade is a D3 team that plays here and finished the season ranked 16th in their dividsion in the NXL last year. They have years of experience and are available to any team looking for some pre-game tips! Crusade will also be reffing the event with NXL certified refs! Several players will stay in the pits helping teams plan, strategize, and improve through the day.

Looking to enter your first tournament or get back into the tournament swing after some time off? Our D3 Field team, New England Crusade, will be not only reffing the event, but also be providing mentoring for any teams that want some helpful coaching, tips, prepping and overall strategy! Sign up today and reserve your spot!

Entrance Fees:


Team entry is $100/team 

Individuals can register for $95 which includes a case of paint.


Paint will be $60 a case, $50 for nepl franchised teams or AG seasons pass holder teams. 


7:30am- Parking lot opens (carpooling is encouraged)


8:00am- shop opens for paint and registration


8:30-9:30am- walk the field/ coaching time with Crusade Players

9:30am-Captains meeting


9:45am- first match starts!



1st Place:

Trophies, 3 cases of paint for your nexl NEPL or NEPL Network Event, AND $100 Cash!


2nd Place:

Medals and $50 gift card


3rd Place:


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