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Game Changer Sports Network and Boston Paintball are teaming up this year to bring Next Level Media Coverage for all of the New England Paintball and Xball Events. GCSN is bringing in a team of Sports Writers and Media personnel, to help cover all aspects that is the NEPL/NEXL.

Our Team of Photographers and Videographers will be covering all the fun from each event. With our on-field photographers catching the in game excitement. Our off-field photographers will be focused on catching the fun from the Pits and Time Trials. We want to capture everything that is the NEPL/NEXL events with plenty of photos to share for all the teams, family and friends. Our Team of Video Professionals will be on site recording all of the action, with plans to release after event Highlights and a full Season Recap.

Our writers will be encapsulating each event in ink, following the progression of games, interviewing players and teams. We will also be focusing on establishing Player and Team Bios, with the hopes of tracking basic stats throughout the season. All of the information and background information will be vital towards the end of the season when teams start competing on a national for the North American Cup.

We want to bring our brand of sports news and media coverage to the New England Paintball and Xball League. We are looking forward to being there all year round, starting with the Combine at Boston Paintball in Chelsea on January 11th, see you all out there


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