The NEPL 2015


Issue X /2015

3 Man Stars Event  1: April 26th

5 Man Stripes Event 1: May 10th

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2014 Podiums.

  • D4 5 Man
  • D5 3 Man

Event 4 2014 5 Man Podium - 1st: TNN Crew


D5 3 Man Event 4 Podiums: 1st Annihilation

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Event 1 Layout.

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Entrance Fees.

D4 5 Man RaceTo $250 per team
D5 3 Man RaceTo $125 per team

What Division Do I Play?

  • Division 4 Player Qualifications +

    D4 Teams are allowed to roster up to 8 players per team per event.  D4 teams may roster ONE D3 APPA ranked player and the remainder of the roster will be made up of D4 ranked players or lower.
  • Division 5 Player Qualifications +

    D5 FIVE Man teams are allowed to roster up to 8 players.  They are allowed ONE D4 player and the rest will be D5 APPA ranked or lower.  D5 THREE Man teams are allowed to roster up to 5 players. ALL Players must be ranked APPA D5 or lower.
  • Division 6 Player Qualifications +

    The D6 Division is new this season. With no age restriction,  players only qualify to play here IF they have NO prior tournament experience and are not currently ranked in the APPA system.
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