NEPL 2016 | 20 YEARS

EVENT 1 WEEKEND 4.23/4.24

Issue X /2016

3 Man Saturday / 5 Man & Xball Sundays

We are looking forward to celebrating 20 years of True Tournament Paintball! Throwbacks all year long, from prizes and rules to taking events on the road to AG Paintball, Warzone Paintball and P+L Paintball! Keep watching for more info :)

Registration Opening Soon!

2015 Podiums.

  • 3 Man
  • 5 Man
  • D4 XBall
  • D3 XBall
  • D2 XBall

D5 Three Man Podium: Event 5


5 Man D4: Event 5

D4 XBall Event 5 Best of New England

D3 Xball Event 5: Best of New England


Event 2 D2 XBall Podium

Steps To Play


Event Deadlines
Register by the early deadline and save! Final deadline to register is the Wednesday prior to each event. Will Open Soon! 

Event Layouts 

Each Layout will be released here! 
Event 1 Layout TBA and will be up weekend before event in Maynard!


Weekly Lists
See who will be at the field for event practices - sign up... put in the time!

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Entrance Fees.

XBall Season $1995 


D4 5 Man $295 

D5 3 Man $150

Individual: $110 w/case


What Division Do I Play?

  • Intermediate 5 Man +

    5 Man Teams are allowed to roster up to 7 players per team per event. Rosters are subject to approval. 
  • Novice 3 Man +

    3 Man teams are allowed to roster up to 5 players. Teams will be registered as full teams or Individual players will be put together to build day of teams.
  • Amateur UpBy XBall +

    Follow NXL Format Rules. Rosters are subject to approval. Division limited to 10 Franchise Teams. Committed Stars, Event and Season Ending Prizes. 
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