The NEPL 2015


Issue X /2015

D3/D4 XBall UpBy4 & 3 Man D5 Stars Event 5 BoNE: October 3rd

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2015 Podiums.

  • D2 XBall
  • 5 Man
  • D3 XBall
  • D4 XBall
  • 3 Man

Event 2 D2 XBall Podium

D4 5 Man E2 Podium

Event 3 Stars D3 2015  Podium 

D4 XBall Event 3 Podiums

D5 Three Man Podium Starts E3 2015


Steps To Play


Event Deadlines
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Event 5 STARS Layout 

Custom Event Layout
Now up on the fields and posted!


Weekly Lists
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Entrance Fees.

D2 / D3 / D4 XBall FirstTo Event to Event $395 


D4 5 Man $250 

D5 3 Man $125


What Division Do I Play?

  • Division 4 5 Man +

    D4 5 Man Teams are allowed to roster up to 8 players per team per event.  D4 teams may roster ONE D3 APPA ranked player and the remainder of the roster will be made up of D4 ranked players or lower.
  • Division 5 3 Man +

    D5 THREE Man teams are allowed to roster up to 5 players. ALL Players must be ranked APPA D5 or lower.
  • Division 2/3/4 XBall +

    Follow NXL/PSP Divisional Roster Rules. Regional series players earn lower regional series APPA multipliers per event. 
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