NXL 3vs3 National Series


Introducing the: NXL 3VS3 Novice World Championship

The NXL is proud to announce the new NXL 3VS3 Series. Teams can earn points locally to qualify for the National Championship where they can win a free trip to World Cup to compete in the 3VS3 World Championships!


Teams will earn points at each local event they compete in.To qualify to play in the National Championship in September at the Chicago Open Event - teams must have 100 points.


Winning just one local event will earn you enough points to qualify - and even finishing last will earn you 35 points - so you could play 3 events and still qualify!

On top of that - teams that compete still win single event trophies and prizes! 

Entrance is $150 per team

Paint is $55 per case 

Players must be new or D5 rank to qualify to compete!