9AM - 3PM


PAINT: $50 / $60 CASE 

Introducing NXL Paintball’s Amateur 2v2 League Brought to You by PbNation!

$100,000 CASH Prize Purse at World Championships at World Cup in November

Start Locally, Qualify for State/National and World Championships
Register on NXLPaintball.com
No Pro or Semi Pro Players
NXL Referees
Field Paint
Field Operated, NXL Sanctioned

The NXL 2v2 League is a new amateur paintball league sanctioned by the NXL, hosted by local parks and brought to you by PbNation. Two-player teams will compete at local parks earning a chance to play for $100,000 in cash at the NXL 2v2 World Championships ($50,000 prize goes to the 1st place team with an additional $50,000 being paid out to those who place in the top 20). Teams must first compete in the NXL Amateur 2v2 League locally and qualify for State, National and then the World Championships for a chance to win the $50,000 first place prize! The first 2v2 event will be held at the February 11 – 12, 2017 NXL Winter Classic with a $2,500 Prize Purse for Amateur and trophies for Novice. No prequalification will be required for the NXL Winter Classic 2v2.

• Teams are allowed to have up to 3 players on their roster and up to 2 staff members. 
• D2 players or lower, NO Semi Pro or Pro Players allowed in the 2-Man League.
• Amateur = Any player ranked D2 and lower (no pros or semi pros)
• Novice = Any player D5 and lower
• 2017 NXL or NXL 2-Man ID Card Required (2-Man ID Card will be $20)
• The full 2017 2v2 Schedule will be released Monday, February 20, 2017

The NXL is partnering with select paintball parks and leagues around the world to be a part of the NXL 2v2 Championship brought to you by PbNation! For more information on how your park or league can be involved, or if you know of a field in your area the NXL should reach out to, please email 2man@nxlpaintball.com.


Start at a Local Event:


Am Entry $150/Novice Entry $120

$1,000 Prize Purse for the Am Division,

1st Place $800 

Trophies & Medals for Novice Division


State/International Championship:

Am Entry $150/Novice Entry $120

$2,500 Prize Purse for the Am Division,

1st Place $2,000

Trophies & Medals for Novice Division

Once team has competed in the State/International Championships, they automatically qualify for the World Championship. Open to ALL teams D2 and lower!


World Championship:

Am Entry $200/Novice Entry $150

$100,000.00 Prize Purse for the Am Division1st Place ​

$50,000.00 2nd Place

​$9,000.00 3rd Place​

$5,000.00 4th Place​

$3,000.00Cash to 20th place!

Trophies & Medals for Novice Division

This season we are proud to help support homeless animals! 

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